Web Analytics

It is important to verify the appropriate implementation of the web analytics to ensure views are correctly structured to collect your data for future analysis. To this end, the creation of goals, website tracking, and customer reporting or personal dashboards are implemented.


About our Web Analytics service

Measurement Models

Analytics will help you determine what your ultimate company objectives are and how you can measure them. The objectives of some websites are straightforward – such as e-commerce whose main aim is to sell – and some require a deeper understanding of the company’s workings. We proud ourselves in being able to establish the correct measuring model for every client, regardless of how complex their objectives are.

Data Verification

Unless you have full confidence in the data being recorded you can never be 100% sure that the decisions being made are sound. We will complete a full audit on any existing data and give you much more confidence in the figures being reported.

Data Troubleshooting

When websites are updated, analytic data can sometimes become muddied through incomplete implementation or incorrect tracking. Our Google Analytics professionals can identify thoroughly and quickly the most likely causes of data discrepancies and offer relevant solutions.

Users Behaviour

Knowing that a user has come on your site is only half the equation. Without a clear idea of what subsequent actions they take, the full potential of that visit will never be realised. Using our analytical knowledge we will be able to plot the journey a visitor takes onsite and offer assistance to ensure that expectations are met.

Trend Analysis

By using historical information, we can identify patterns in your users’ behaviour, suggest actions and exploit predicted future outcomes.

Constant Reporting

Through clear and regular reporting, website owners will be provided with the information to make the right decision every step of the way.

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